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For over 17 years, I’ve proudly served my clients as their personal skin health guide.

My mission is to give you the best results-based facial experience every single time and have you looking – and feeling – your best! I’ll guide you toward the professional treatments and at home products that are right for your specific skin health, which will save you time, frustration, and money.

All of my Skin Services are custom curated blends of different modalities, products, and techniques designed support YOUR skin type and condition.

I am the ONLY licensed esthetician in Bryan and College Station offering these types of holistic facial modalities so being in my treatment room will quite likely be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Please note: Due to the nature of my business, new clients are by application only.



All facial treatments include: steam towel acupressure, aromatherapy, and advanced, sculpting facial massage.

I may incorporate additional devices and modalities based on your skin’s needs.

Just know that I will assess your skin and determine how to best treat it. However, if you’d like to learn more about any of these treatments / modalities, just ask! I’m happy to discuss them with you.

The Kendra Renee Signature Skin Experience (aka The "Don't Know What I Need" Facial Treatment)
Suitable for everyone. During this customized facial treatment, I bring out all my magic advanced modalities to transform your skin. It’s designed to tighten, hydrate, lift, tone, balance, strengthen, and sculpt the facial muscles. It flushes out lymphatic toxins and re-educates muscle memory to naturally sculpt your face. This gives you the GLOW you’re looking for with your skin! It includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, mask, multiple serums, moisturizer, and sun protection, gua sha massage, manual lymphatic drainage, facial cupping and cryo massage. Additional techniques and / or modalities may be added based on your skin’s needs. Extractions are performed if needed. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and glowing! The recommended frequency for this facial is generally every 4 weeks.

50 minutes – $135
70 minutes – $155 (includes an additional facial mask, extended facial contour massage)
90 minutes – $199 (includes everything in the 70 min, as well as a full microcurrent treatment)

Skin Nutrition Product Consultation (Virtual or In Person)

When it comes to skincare products, the market is LOADED and trying to determine what will work for you is OVERWHELMING! Let me save you time, money, and frustration by using my expertise to assess your skin’s needs. During this consultation, I will assess your skin and your goals and then I will curate the PERFECT routine tailored specifically to your skin. Consultations may be done via Zoom, FaceTime or if you’re local, I’d love for you to come in , lay on my table, and experience some relaxation while we’re consulting.

​NOTE: If receiving an in person skin treatment or virtual skin treatment, this is already included in your appointment.


From Brow Transformation to Brazilian Waxing

I use NON-POLYMER wax. It’s non-sticky, leaves no residue and helps lower reactions in the skin. My waxes contain only these natural ingredients Colophonium rosin, vegetable oil, microcrystalline, and a touch of an essential oil. With my wax, the *key* ingredient is actually the lack of ingredients! Less ingredients and added fillers you will have less reaction, less irritation, less discomfort, and you will leave with smooth, soft skin. They are also low temperature which makes it extremely comfortable for you.

PLEASE NOTE: For all body waxing, hair length needs to be at least as long as a grain of rice (approx. two weeks of no shaving). Clients that are on Accutane are not candidates for waxing – please reach out for alternative options.

Brazilian - $75

My signature Brazilian wax is quick and efficient. It includes removal of all hair from the front to the back (optional). A strip on the top can be left if desired. It takes only 20 minutes or less. I have perfected my technique over the last 14 years and I have been awarded the honor of the best Brazilian waxing in my county. Recommended frequency: My clients come every 4-5 weeks and love their results!

Signature Brows
Signature Brow Design - $45

This is for new and returning clients who have not seen me for brows for 8+ weeks. My Signature Brow Design includes a brow consultation where we speak about short and long term brow goals, what I need from you to get you to your BEST BROWS EVER, wax, trim, tweeze, brow pencil fill and highlight. As a “Brow Architect,” I have perfected my artistic eye and technique for over 17 years. I take great care in every detail of polishing and refining your natural brows.

Return Clients – $30
(no more than 8 weeks since last brow visit)

Signature Brow Design & Tint - $70

This is for NEW or returning clients that haven’t been in for their brows for over 8 weeks. Includes everything in my Signature Brow Design with the addition of brow tinting (semi permanent dye lasting up to 4 weeks).

Return Clients – $55
(no more than 8 weeks since last brow visit)

Signature Brow Design & Upper Lip - $60

For NEW or returning clients who haven’t been in for their brows in more than 8 weeks. Includes the Signature Brow Design and adds on the Upper Lip.

Return Clients – $45
(no more than 8 weeks since last brow visit)

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination adds volume, fluffiness, and some length to your eyebrows and is ideal for very thin, thick, curly, or unruly brows. This offering eliminates issues with those random hairs on your brows that are growing in wonky directions, curling up, sticking straight out, don’t have any kind of shape, or don’t stay in place. The result is natural looking brows with perfect shape that are super easy to style!

A brow tint is a great addition to my Brow Design & Lamination. This is a semi permanent dye and creates a pop of color to take your brows to the next level of WOW!

Recommended frequency: Every 8 weeks

Brow Lamination with Signature Brow Design - $130

For NEW or returning clients who haven’t been in for more than 8 weeks.

Brow Lamination with Signature Brow Design - $120

For RETURNING clients who have been in less than 8 weeks ago.

Brow Lamination with Signature Brow Design + Tint- $150

For NEW or returning clients who haven’t been in for more than 8 weeks.

Brow Lamination with Signature Brow Design + Tint (Returning Client) - $140

For RETURNING clients who have been in less than 8 weeks ago.